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Tenley seamlessly fuses modern Tribal Belly Dance with traditional Sacred Dances, resulting with alluring and mystical storytelling… a modern genre of Temple Dance and related Arts she calls “Temple Tribal Fusion®.”

For the past 20 years, Tenley has been developing this multi-layered system for “awakening” women focused on dance, yoga, conditioning, fitness, embodiment practices, and spiritual discipline. The goal is awakening and mastery of our Body-Spirit-Heart-Mind.

With the foundation in Tribal Belly Dance and Yogic Practices, TTF® fuses these with a variety of Sacred Dance lineages, supporting women to embody their true nature. This inspiring and dynamic Path is for any woman who desires to fearlessly and authentically Embody the Truth of her Body, Heart, and Soul.

TTF® explores dances and traditions generally obscure to the West, yet hold some of the richest cultural expression of dance, music, costuming, myth, storytelling, and prayer. TTF® highlights nearly forgotten Herstory and the journey of the Gypsies who ventured from India, through Central Asia, continuing along the Silk Road, into Arabia and the Middle East, crossing Egypt and North Africa, eventually to Spain.

Tenley has had exquisite opportunities to study with dance and yoga legends around the world, enabling her to become a Messenger for these traditions. She incorporates her Devotion to Dance and Yoga with her love for ancient lineages of the Sacred Feminine from India and Tibet. This is the foundation for her work, art, and life.

She travels domestically and internationally offering her teachings, ritual performance, Temple Invocations, garment and costume production, and being a Transformational Mentor for women. Tenley is originally from San Francisco, currently residing in Oregon.

I received an email from a woman asking excellent questions about my work. Here are my answers to how I have the capacity and skill to hold women through the Fires & Gates of Life Initiations & Transformations. Her questions are in bold.

* What are you basing your teachings on?
20 years ago, I began extensive, in depth, and consistent studies with masters of various traditions of transformation, healing, trauma release. In recent years, my focus has been Tibetan Buddhism and Yogini lineages from India.
I also have had extensive training in transformational coaching and life mentoring.
Then my personal experiences were some of the ultimate trainings, giving me the reasons to have full commitment in the practices my teachers gave me, and total reliance on my teachers to guide me out of the dark, into my power, and into my seat as a teacher.

* Is TTF® your “curriculum” ?
Yes. This is totally unique to me & TTF®, and a culmination of all the above answer. I have not found ANYTHING like this anywhere in the world: dance, yoga, empowerment practices, mentorships

* and based on a plethora of personal experiences?
Of course.

* Is it coming directly and explicitly from organized teachings?
yes, AND all of the above.
this is how i develop ALL of my offerings or ALL my modalities.

* of a faith or specific spiritual practice/belief system?
Everyone is welcome regardless of faith, religion.
This is not a religious path at all.
Spiritual yes.
But no Dogma.
My offerings & TTF® dance on the other end of the spectrum of religion & dogma.

In devotion to our Greatness, Tenley ❤


Inspire women to discover & pursue

their Personal Path of Awakening.

Through my personal experience and experimentation, I believe these are foundational steps and disciplines for women to embody and express ourselves authentically, leading to our fruition and Awakening, for the benefit of our personal and global wellness:

~ Yoga Asana: develops strength, agility, and awareness of body-energy-mind system

~ Sacred Dance: joyful & uninhibited creative movement to experience Union (“yoga”) with Self and Divine

~ Spiritual Practice & Discipline leads to Soul-full relationship with Self through mediation, breath, mind mastery, cultivation of Shakti

~ Intimate & Devoted Relationship with one or more traditions of the Sacred Feminine & related Mysteries

~ Lifestyle & Daily Practices of nourishment and awareness in self-care for body, mind, spirit, heart

~ Community (“Sangha”) of like minded and hearted women dedicated to this Path of Awakening

The result of a transitioning out of the unconscious mundane into a LIFESTYLE of awareness, we enable ourselves to live as an embodiment of the Divine. This awareness, along with a soft ego, heart, and compassion, we realize our True Self, opening the pathway to discover and fulfill our Soul Mission.

My Soul Mission includes being an Ambassador and Bridge between the Old World and the New. I believe for the survival and THRIVAL of this planet and Her inhabitants, it’s essential we celebrate, honor, and listen to the Wisdom of the Ancients. The Voice of the Ancients comes through their dance, music, art, lifestyle, stories, myths, prayers, values, etc. Regardless of which culture these Wisdom Streams are from, world wide they have prophecized, and to the best of their ability, prepared for this unprecedented time. It is essential for the modern world to learn to listen and respond to this guidance. Temple Tribal Fusion® is a doorway between Ancient Wisdom and the Modern World, and dedicated to bringing these into a balanced state of interconnectivity.

* In Devotion,  Tenley *

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