~ with Tenley Wallace ~

All classes include a strong foundation of yoga and conditioning, focus on alignment for longevity of movement, techniques to optimize mind-body-energy, plus lots more luciousness!



Each class offered as 3 Part Series, 4 weeks per Series.  Series re-cycles every 12 weeks. Private Instruction by request.

Intro to TTF® ~ Tale of the Gypsy Trail

Mondays   6:45 – 8 pm     Upstairs at Sekse Studio, Box Factory

Part 1: Indian Classical & Folkloric 

Part 2: Central Asia & Persia

Part 3: Arabia & Spain

Part 4:  Workshop ~ Date TBD

Workshop includes completion of series choreography + Herstory of TTF® with slideshow, video, from India to Jamila Salimpour and birth of “Tribal” Belly Dance.


Odissi Indian Classical Dance 

New 4 Week Series starts Wed Sept 9, 11-12:15  at Sekse

Claim your spot now with button at bottom of page.

Everyone welcome to drop in class #1. Yet due to the nature of this discipline, no drop-ins after Sept 9. Moms, child care is available at Sekse.

There are requests for additional class times for both Odissi & Shakti Yoga™. Here are choices. Let me know if you want in. Tuesdays 4:30, Weds 4:30, Thursdays anytime.

We start from the very beginning and build each week. Each class includes exercises, both traditional Odissi + my personal dance favorites. Then “stepping” (Odissi a, b, c’s), mudras, eye-head-chest isolations, and a continuous stream of foundational teachings regarding Temple Dance, Yoginis, & Shakti (universal feminine creative energy).

Part 1:    Choka:  1, 2, 3’s of Odissi

Foundational Masculine / Shiva Postures

Define Choka = square, represents Jagannath, Orissa’s Universal Master Consciousness Diety

Shiva = Universal Masculine Principle = foundation, structure, stabilizing

Part 2:   Tribunghi: A, B, C’s of Odissi

Fluid Feminine / Shakti Postures

Tri= 3   Bunghi = bends

Shakti = Universal Feminine Creative Energy = sensual, wavelike, dynamic patterns

Part 3:   Union & Dance of Shakti & Shiva

This Odissi choreography combines Part 1 & 2 including ritual, devotional expression, Herstorical lineage celebration.

Part 4: Workshop: Integrate, Embody, Awaken ~ Date TBD

* Shakti Yoga® is the foundation for Odissi class. Highly recommended to attend when doing Odissi. Gives you advantage with Odissi’s physical, mental, and energetic demands.

* Click to learn about Odissi practice & Herstory *


Shakti Yoga™ ~ Journey of Embodiment for Women

Your atypical yoga class, designed by a woman for women.

Day, time & location soon to be announced. Contact me if you want to be notified.

Part 1: Stabilize Foundation ~ feet, hands, alignment

Part 2: Activating Energetic Lay-lines

Part 3: Cultivating & Regulating Shakti

Shakti Yoga™ includes asana, breath, visualizations, and secrets to generate and direct your “Shakti” (creative energy & vital power). Not your average “yoga class.” Take home keys for optimizing the synergy of your body~energy~ heart~mind. Click here for more details.

Intro to TTF® & Odissi Classes Include:

Warmups-yoga-stretching, dance fitness & conditioning, dance drills & combos, Herstory of Temple Dance, & occasional visits by Indian classical musicians!

* CLICK to enjoy a Temple Tribal Fusion® choreography *


* Each class requires minimum of 4 students Pre-Registered to begin new series. So if you want classes, grab your friends 🙂 

Register in person with Tenley (not Sekse) by cash, check, or save your spot now with Paypal button below.

* 4 week series (4 classes) =   $70

Drop in, 1st class ½ off =            $10

Drop in, regular =                        $20

Make-up missed class: Receive 1 FREE make-up when you register for a series. Attend any class of your choice.

* Drop in’s welcome if studio capacity allows. You can deduct drop-in cost if you decide to register for series.

* All classes open to ages 14+

~ No Refunds ~

IMPORTANT for Paypal: Make sure to include clear details in “note” box exactly what you are registering for.


Temple Arts Immersion™ in Bend!

Winter 2020 ~ Wisdom Dakini: Shakti Goddesses from Tibet

Spring 2020 ~ Devi & Yogini: Shakti Goddesses from India

Share 6 weeks co-creating a profoundly dynamic, inspiring, and activating experience. Intention is to facilitate the ripening and awakening of your complete being through physical, energetic, spiritual, and pragmatic practices and training.

Get your wheels moving in a direction, that over time, every area of your life and body is enhanced. Ask women who have participated about their experiences!

Group size limited to 13 women. Save your seat now…

Tuition = $750 by November 1, 2019

Contact Tenley if interested or to confirm your seat.

CLICK for details about Classes in Indian Classical Dance

CLICK to learn about Tenley & Temple Tribal Fusion®

Note:  Occasionally photos or video taken in class. If you do not want to be in these, please quietly and gracefully tend to your needs without disturbing class. You are welcome to remove yourself from frame view however you wish (ie: step to side, go outside, etc). Media people already know about this, so there is no need to discuss with them or me. Thank you.

Have questions? Send a note on my contact form.

I’ll get back to you soon.

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