Gangsta Goddess

“Dakini” ~ Dancing Yoginis from Tibet

Be amongst the 1st to claim these empowering tanks. Made with great love, devotion, & of course SHAKTI! ooxx

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Why does TTF® endearingly refer to Dakinis as Gangsta?

Dakinis are tough, fearless, wrathful, will do anything it takes to liberate us from the bindings of our ego and illusions.

She dances a fierce warrior dance, stomping the ego beneath her feet.

She carries a sharp blade to cut and dissolve attachments.

She pulls the rug out from under us, because there actually is no stability other than our internal eternal Self.

Learn, Experience, Embody Dakini, and how they can lift your mind, body, & life!

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$27 per Goddess shirt


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$27 per Goddess shirt

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Phenomenal art by Monique Aguerre


Choose your size, in inches:

Body length = measure from top shoulder to bottom of shirt hem

Body Width = measure seam line from hip to hip, front & back is the same


Body Length 25 3/4 26 3/8 27 27 5/8 28 1/4 28 7/8
Body Width 13 14 15 16 17 1/2 19


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