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Develop your personal Practice

5 Week Sadhana:

Develop Your personal Practice

…That reflects who you are, what you love, & where you want to go.

5 Week Private 1-on-1 Program

Basic Outline: Can be adjusted based on your personal goals & previous experience.

~ Set the groundwork, foundation, Asana (seat)

~ Determine the content, the Vehicle(s)

~ Learn how to generate the fuel, motivation, Shakti (power)

~ Build your discipline, consistency, rhythm

Have you struggled to create consistency tending to your body, or keeping your meditation going, or simply don’t know how to start?

That’s exactly why I developed this Private 5 Weeks together, so you get personal step by step support to create and fuel your own practice.

You may wonder why do we want to do this…because a solid practice LITERALLY becomes the foundation of your life, and enhances EVERYTHING. 

This unique 1-on-1 experience brings you and I together weekly for 5 weeks. The powerful container we create gives you the foundation and support to:

~ Create your Seat/Asana: Build & activate your sacred space, practice area, collect items to support your practice.

~ Choose your Vehicle: Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Embodiment Practices, Manifestation work, or a combo of all.

~ Generate Motivation: Build your capacity, energy, desire, goals, to keep you inspired and committed to your present practice, and opening The Path to enhancing your future.

~ Build your Rhythm: Generate Discipline, Dedication, and Self-Accountability since these are key in creating a fruitful practice.

“Sadhana”:  Sanskrit term to explain consistent activity and discipline of various practice with a goal to surrender the ego and develop a profound relationship with the Divine and one’s Self. Generally, this can include meditation, yoga, prayer, and other related practices. But in TTF®, we know that dance is an important form of prayer and ritual, so this also is included in Sadhana for those interested.

Start any time. New and Full Moons recommended.

Enjoy the Introductory Offer of $595.

Rate increases in 2019

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