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Develop your personal Practice

Develop  Your personal  Practice

5  Week  Sadhana

Private 1-on-1 Program with Tenley

That reflects who you are, what you love, & where you want to go.

Focus on developing 1 or more of the following:

Yogic Practice




Stress Management

Lifestyle Design

General Outline: (Based on your goals & previous experience)

~Set the groundwork & foundation, establish your Asana (seat)

~Determine primary content, focus, vehicle(s) to “take you there”

~Learn to generate motivation, dedication, fuel, Shakti (power)

~Test & build your discipline, consistency, optimum rhythm

Have you struggled to create consistency tending to your body’s needs, or jump-starting a home yoga practice, keeping your meditation going, or simply don’t know how to start new healthy habits?

That’s exactly why I developed these Private 5 Weeks together! You get personal step by step support to create and fuel your own practice, which ultimately leads to you updating and consciously designing your ideal lifestyle.

This unique 1-on-1 experience brings you and I together weekly for 5 weeks. The powerful container we create gives you the foundation and support to:

~Create your Seat/Asana: Build & activate your practice area, or sacred space, collect items to support & inspire your sadhana

~Choose your Yana (Vehicle): Some suggestions…Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Embodiment Practices, Manifestation work, or all

~Generate Motivation: Build your capacity, energy, desire, goals, to keep you inspired and committed to your present practice (if you have one), and opening The Path to enhancing your future

~Build your Rhythm: Develop & Strengthen the Keys in creating a fruitful practice… Discipline, Dedication, Self-Accountability

You may wonder, “why do we want to do this?” Because a solid practice you can count on, through the various shakes and waves of life LITERALLY becomes the foundation of your life, supporting and carrying you through ANYTHING. 

“Sadhana”:  Sanskrit term meaning consistent and disciplined activity or practice with a goal to tame the ego and mind while developing a profound relationship with one’s Self and the Divine. Generally, this can include meditation, yoga, prayer, and other related practices. And in TTF®, we know dance is an important form of prayer, fitness, and overall wellbeing. So this is an option for you to include in a Sadhana crafted just for you.

Activate Your Self Now.

Start any time.  New & Full Moons recommended.


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