Dance & Ritual Makeup

I’ve searched everywhere to find the best products for you.
Since these are specialty items, please contact me here to order: Include product(s) you desire, quantity, your post address.  I will respond with an invoice. Thank you!

Red Sindoor Powder


This fine lady’s box is truly “Deluxe” Sindoor, as it claims on the package. I searched for the nicest box that was appropriate for the ritual of adornment, whether it be for your Self or for your Devi Puja.

This special Red Powder is a part of daily life in India, and is a lovely reminder that Devi is everywhere. In this devoted to Devi culture, Red Sindoor can be found at nearly every Temple (“Mandir”), is worn by every married woman, and is an essential element to most rituals.

In the Tantric tradition, Red symbolizes the Feminine, with White for Masculine, and Black for Space.

Because Sindoor is so difficult to find back at home, It’s a new addition to my alter and ritual items. I love having this sweet box with potent Red along with my other sacred pieces. And look forward to adding it to my costuming for special events and performances.

Box is 2.25″ square

Main image is with Offering Dish.

Red Alta, for Hands & Feet


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Traditionally, women of India paint parts of their feet and at times finger tips for various special occasions. And an Odissi Dancer is not complete without this distinctive part of her costume.

I have never seen this available in the USA, so i thought it would be nice to include.  A little goes a really long way, so this bottle may be a life supply 🙂

Bottle has a safety lid and nice sponge applicator. Very Easy to use. Directions follow.

When using Alta, first place some newspaper, or rag under the work area. As you get familiar with Alta, this will not be necessary. Remove the safety lid, and do a little test on the paper or rag, so you get a sense of how to bring the Die to the tip. One or two passes should give you a nice bold Red in the areas you wish.


Kadjil Eye Contour


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Want to know what Indian Beauties wear for that deep, exotic look?

Like the Eyes of Devi.

Check this out… the nicest Kadjil i’ve found. Smooth flow and control application. Water resistant.

You might like to know I purchased them in my favorite makeup shop in Orissa. That Kadjil took a REALLY long trip to get to you ! 🙂

Ingredients include Almond Oil, Triphla, Camphor

Simple Devi Sadhana: When you spread this Kadjil on your eyes, make it an offering of devotion to Devi, that your eyes are Hers. That you have Her boundlessly compassionate Sight, to see through illusion, into the Truth as things innately are. 

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