For Ritual, Adornment, Wisdom, Nourishment

Embody Devi, Market Bazaar is my offering to Devi. And to support you becoming more deeply connected with Her sacred ways and traditions, regardless of where you may be in the world.

This is a means to bring into our everyday lives the traditions, practices, and Herstory that inspired my development of Temple Tribal Fusion®. The majority of my desires, life goals, and professional offerings relate to invoking more of Devi and the Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine in my daily life.

…And extending these opportunities to others who wish to join me in this dynamic and profound quest of soulfully authentic, shamelessly empowered, Shakti infused AWAKENED EMBODIMENT.
Right Now.
Here in this Body, in this Lifetime.
For those who are ready for this lifestyle, here we are!

My exploration and love for Sacred Dance, Yoga, Yoginis, Dakinis, and the traditions that have birthed these extraordinary sources of Ancient Wisdom, have become the central axis of my life.

May both Embody Devi Market Bazaar and Temple Tribal Fusion® open the Temple Doors widely for you to enjoy these traditions beyond the dance floor, off your matt, out of class, and into creating Your Life as The Offering.
Supporting you to Embody Devi.

*Offered to you with my Love, Joy, and Devotion, Tenley

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