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Skills n drills


Foundations of  TTF®

Are you ready for a rapid increase in your skills, technique, and understanding how to create and execute dance moves and combos? 

If yes, join these super fun and focused classes giving you tools, drills, and training for specific TTF® choreography.


Choose what’s best for you: 

~ Join us LIVE! On zoom or in Bend, Oregon

~ Simply enjoy class recordings at your own pace

* All class options, only $20 per class

* Your 1st class is free!

Each class includes yoga, warm-ups, fitness training, dance drills, sensuous combos, and teachings on history of each dance style included.

* Get access to class recordings, email to request

* All classes are mixed-level > There is truly something for everyone, from beginner to advanced.

* Weekly 1.5 hour power sessions designed specifically to quickly accelerate your choreography skills & passion!

* TTF®’s distinctive style, seamlessly fusing Tribal Belly Dance with a variety of traditional Sacred Dances.

* Book privates with me to develop your specific interests. Contact me if interested.

For Bend classes >

Bring $20 cash or venmo before you arrive > @Tenley-Wallace-1

For private studio address, email or text me

Do not come to class if you have been sick, show symptoms, or have been around anyone ill or with symptoms


For online classes > Register at least 2 hrs in advance

2 step process: #1 – click below for zoom info, #2 – open confirmation email from “Tenley Wallace”

After registering, you receive confirmation email containing info how pay tuition & join us on zoom. Look in your inbox or spam.



Get all previous 4 week series!

Indefinite access to class recordings – Only $25 per series!

If you missed earlier series of Skills n Drillsscroll down for details & click buttons to start now…

Series #1 ~ Polish & Empower your Shimmies! Plus, Body & Arms Postures

Week 1 = basic: singles (+ traveling & turns)
Week 2 = singles drills: front & back + levels
Week 3 = basic 3/4 (+ traveling & turns)

Week 4 = 3/4: front & back + levels AND all weeks put together to create sassy & sparkly combo!


Series #2 ~ Sensuous & controlled Hip Movements with correlating Arm Variations. Included levels and traveling.

Taxim (side to side hip figure 8), Maya (reverse side to side hip figure 8), Snake-Arms + variations

Get a handle on sensuous and controlled hip movements with complementary yet diverse arm variations. Includes saucy levels, front to back transitions, and savvy traveling.

Week 1 = taxim / maya + levels
Week 2 = snake arm basics + taxim / maya + levels + front & back drills
Week 3 = taxim / maya + snake arms variations + reverse snake arms
Week 4 = all the above layered + traveling = yummmm


Series #3 ~Everything from Series 1 & 2 creating fun drills & combos PLUS Popin n Lockin!


Want a Reality Shift? Here you go…

Get the Complete TTF® Experience ~ 1 complete package with just 1 simple click! A complementary and integrated series of classes + Temple Arts Immersion™ unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Designed to activate you on every level, inside & out. In other words, this will seriously ROCK YOUR WORLD! I promise ooxx

Trust me, if you have the time and resources, give this to yourself. You will not regret it.


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