6 Week Outline Details

Week 1: Introducing the Wisdom Dakinis

Who are these Shakti Goddesses from Tibet? 
How does She relate to Yoginis of India?

Why is knowing Her an essential key for the modern woman in our personal and collective journey of healing, empowerment, awakening?

“…all ordinary women are manifestations of the dakini principle…The female body has a unique ability to radiate the energy of the dakini, whether or not there is any awareness of this on the part of the woman.”   Judith Simmer-Brown in Dakini’s Warm Breath

Week 2: Ignite Your Sovereignty
Step 1 ~
 Igniting our Seat & Temple for the Path of Sovereignty
Traditions & Rituals for Sacred Space & Practice

Step 2 ~ Transforming our Body into The Offering 
Invocation, Anointing, Adornment

“Throughout the day, envision all food and drink as offerings to her, all sounds as her mantra, every living being as her emanation, and the environment as her mandala…<this> transforms <our> body, speech, and mind.”   Dr. Miranda Shaw from Buddhist Goddesses of India

Week 3: The Staircase to your Relationship with the Divine
Lock-on to your Track of Success with “The 3D’s”: 

Dedication, Devotion, Discipline

“There are so many early tales…of people who lived and worked in ordinary situations, and who by turning their life experiences into a spiritual practice achieved enlightenment.”  Lama Tsultrim Allione in Wisdom Rising

Dakini’s Symbology & Tools: Dancing Posture, Wisdom Flames, Naked, Blade, Skullcup, Fierce & Wrathful

Learning these secret symbols and how to apply them to our daily lives can be significantly empowering and transformational. Open the Gateway to Dakinis as your intimate allies and guides to your ultimate embodiment.

“…through understanding her symbols and identifying with her, we are identifying with our own energy.”  Lama Tsultrim Allione in Wisdom Rising

Week 4: Awakening Ourselves as Dakini

Owning all of you: Body-Heart-Mind-Power 

Awaken, Re-Claim, No Shame 

Living from our Womb Wisdom: Methods for Self-Love & Cultivating our Power & Women’s Intuition
Shakti Yoga™ for Womb
Womb Breathing & Jade Egg
Shakti Pathways & Channels

“Shakti, the sacred life force, is most concentrated in the female body, providing the heat and creative force…as well as the energy for spiritual transformation.” Dr. Miranda Shaw from Buddhist Goddesses of India

Week 5: Embodying Our Disciplined Yogini
Continued Practice & Support from previous material & activities

Sacred Sound, Song, Mantra
Open Voice, Open Feminine Channels: yoni-heart-voice-mind

Shakti Nasal Alternate Breathing: Introducing Phase 1 

Week 6: Sky Dancing ~ Your Dance of Sovereignty
Integrate & Embody all aspects of Immersion for unifying and optimizing your Body-Mind-Energy/Shakti

Dancing in our Wisdom Flames
ourselves, in our Truth & Power, dancing upon ego, illusion, attachments
 ourselves as Dakini, open and available to life rather than hiding from it…this is our Path of Awakening & Wisdom 
 this in your own unique and sacred ways

Declaration of Sovereignty: Live your Power & Truth

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