you  are  invited  to  this  dance

Join tenley’s final live group program of 2020

Awakening your Power and Wisdom to face the world as it is,

eyes and heart wide open.

Aug 17, 2020  Opening Ceremony

Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays Live on Zoom

Registration gives you all class video & audio recordings indefinitely

This 6 Week Online Journey is the 2020 GRAND FINALE! It’s your last opportunity to experience group classes and Temple Arts Immersion™ with me in LIVE (online via zoom). You also get to meet women like yourself from around the world, ready to lift our lives and be a conscious, powerful, and peaceful force of change for our planet. 

Come as you are. All women welcomed to this safe and inspiring space.

No previous experience with TTF® or dance or yoga required.

This is an invitation to cultivate your ability and tools to embrace ALL of life and you as sacred.

This Path leads to embodying the fullest YOU, and is rooted in a sincere relationship with our Selves and the Divine.

If you choose to fully give yourself this opportunity:

~ you will develop tools & discipline required to navigate our world with skill & grace

~ be a part of a powerful group of women allies you can trust & lean into

~ know and live your truth, creating your life from this authentic and empowered source

~ update your lifestyle, awakening you into your fullest power, presence, wisdom, sensuality, & satisfaction

Every woman, regardless of your beliefs, your past, present or future is welcomed here.

This is not religious, or Buddhist. It’s the unbound, fearlessly authentic, fully empowered Feminine… your true nature.

All you need is an open heart, and be willing to open your mind.

Sky Dancing, Temple Arts Immersion™ (TAI)

The Dance of Sovereignty

In celebration and completion of the study and practice cycle beginning January 2020, Tenley is offering a special 6 week Temple Arts Immersion™ starting August 17. As an added enhancement, she is also offering weekly bonus classes! Details below…

Choose to do Immersion Self-Guided, &/or Bonus Group Classes with Tenley Live on zoom (read more for details).

It all starts August 17, 2020! Access to Opening & Closing Ceremonies given with registration to any of the above options.

Plus, 2 ways to get 50% off ALL Registration options!

~ New students to TTF® register with a returning student, you both get 50% off tuition!

~ 2 new students to TTF® utilize this offer together and get 50 % off each!

Grand Finale Specials include:

+ 50% off Immersion & ALL Bonus Classes (details below)

+ Opening & Closing Ceremonies with Tenley LIVE online

+ Group Guidance Sessions with Tenley LIVE online

+ Self-Guided Video & Audio Class Recordings in Dance, Yoga, Warmups, Fitness, Drills you keep indefinitely!

+ Self-Guided Recordings in Meditation & Empowerment Practices you keep indefinitely!

+ Get the complete Temple Arts Choreography™ Level 1 + practices & trainings you keep indefinitely!

+ Optional Bonus 5 Week Class Series with Tenley LIVE online ~ for your maximum TAI experience & results

Your Doorway to the Dakinis…

6 Week Immersion Outline

Week 1: Introducing the Wisdom Dakinis

Who are these Shakti Goddesses from Tibet? 
How does She relate to Yoginis of India?

Why is knowing Her an essential key for the modern woman in our personal and collective journey of healing, empowerment, awakening?

“…all ordinary women are manifestations of the dakini principle…The female body has a unique ability to radiate the energy of the dakini, whether or not there is any awareness of this on the part of the woman.”   Judith Simmer-Brown in Dakini’s Warm Breath

Week 2: Ignite Your Sovereignty
Step 1 ~
 Igniting our Seat & Temple for the Path of Sovereignty
Traditions & Rituals for Sacred Space & Practice

Step 2 ~ Transforming our Body into The Offering 
Invocation, Anointing, Adornment

“Throughout the day, envision all food and drink as offerings to her, all sounds as her mantra, every living being as her emanation, and the environment as her mandala…<this> transforms <our> body, speech, and mind.”   Dr. Miranda Shaw from Buddhist Goddesses of India

Week 3: The Staircase to your Relationship with the Divine
Lock on to your Track of Success with “The 3D’s”: 

Dedication, Devotion, Discipline

“There are so many early tales…of people who lived and worked in ordinary situations, and who by turning their life experiences into a spiritual practice achieved enlightenment.” Lama Tsultrim Allione in Wisdom Rising

Dakini’s Tools: Dancing Posture, Flames, Blade, etc.
Learn how to apply them to our daily lives. 

“…through understanding her symbols and identifying with her, we are identifying with our own energy.”  Lama Tsultrim Allione in Wisdom Rising

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Optional Bonus 5 Week Class Series 

Designed to work in collaboration with the Immersion to give you the maximum experience and development of your body – mind – energy (“Shakti”). 

Plus it’s your last chance for group classes with me Live this year! All offered via zoom online + you get to keep all recordings.

All levels & experience welcomed. You don’t have to enroll in Sky Dancing Immersion to attend. But you will want to!

Click any register button to join or learn more about each of these Bonus Classes.

* Daily Discipline Sadhana: Tues 9:30 – 10:45 am pst  $175   Get 50% off with a friend!

For ripening your body – mind – energy. Bring more grace, vitality, ease of mind, and a sacred touch to your daily life in just 5 weeks! 

* Temple Arts Choreography & Training, Level 3: Thursdays 10 – 11:30 am pst  $175  Get 50% off with a friend!

The best of TTF®! Shakti Yoga™, Dance Fitness & Drills, Warmups, Choreo. Level 1 included with your Sky Dancing Immersion registration.

* Skills n Combos: Wednesdays 10 – 11 am pst = $80   +Get 50% off with a friend!

Training and development course for technique and combos found in Temple Arts Choreography Level 3. Designed for dancers who are serious about understanding, polishing, and completing the Temple Arts Choreography. 

* Sexual Sovereignty: 1 in depth session – September 3, 4:30 pm pst = $45   +Get 50% off with a friend!

For the 1st time ever, Tenley shares her personal secrets for clearing the past to create the intimate relationships we seek, or to enhance the one(s) we have. Practices to be sovereign, empowered, and honored in your sexual relationships, past, present, future.

6  Week  Sky dancing Immersion  Gives  you

~ Pragmatic Tools and Practices to easily integrate into your daily life. Including a solid home practice you can count on, reflecting your interests and needs. 

~ Weekly easy to follow “Embodied Practice & Dakini Wisdom.” This is your weekly step by step guide.

~ Opening & Closing Ceremonies + Guidance Sessions with me live! And with all women registered for this Immersion.

~ Audio Meditation recordings to integration into your personal home practice! Take weekly content to the next level!

~ Class Videos of TTF® dance & choreography, Shakti Yoga™, sacred movement, fitness, & more!

~ Sangha! Get a Sacred Community of heart-centered women like you, dedicated to their fulfillment, wellbeing, & growth.

~ A pathway to follow and grow your life based on your heart, soul, authenticity. This includes a personal guide, safe and solid container, and community of allies. 

~ You get the option to work with me privately 1-on-1 at discounted rates! Highly recommended to greatly enhance your Immersion experience. Gives you time to focus with me on your particular areas of interest or concern. A game changer!

~ You get me! 😉 I have dedicated my life to being a midwife for women’s wellness and empowerment. This Immersion brings you into my inner world, deep into my heart and greatest secrets. Naturally, I fall in love with each woman as a true Sister. I am here for you as your guide and personal Dakini, as much as you allow.

~ Plus you get my 25+ years of yogic study and practice, my 22 years of yoga instruction experience, nearly 20 years of dance practice + lineage study, 16 years training and study as a fast path transformational guide and mentor, 20+ years of extensive travel throughout India for 1st-hand research, study, and exploration, and 15+ years devoted practitioner to Dakinis and Vajrayana Buddhism. 

your  HOST, TENLEY WALLACE (Thinley Wangmo)

Photo at one of my favorite places in the world, Tikse Gompa (monastery) rooftop, surrounded by Dakini Lands of the Tibetan Plateau, just down the road from my Tibetan community.

My intimate life with the Dakinis is too long to share here. But naturally, some will be told throughout the 6 week Immersion. I owe this profound, life changing, and intimate relationship first to my adopted Tibetan family, the beautiful Khangsars, who live on the Indian side of the Tibetan Plateau. The Dharma daily life example they and their community shared with me for the first time 20 years ago, totally changed me. And I began wondering (and LOTS of wandering!)… what is Buddhism… where, who, how can I learn? VERY LONG story from that point lead me to the sacred land and home of Lama Tsultrim Allione. She was extremely generous, and offered me a scholarship to the very first offering of her “Mandala of the 5 Wisdom Dakinis,” somewhat of an experiment she told us. That experiment unfolded to become one of the most significant turning points of my life, and became the main focus of her teachings for many years. It was on her land, called Tara Mandala, in the sweet little red canvas yurt gompa that she radically, profoundly, and lovingly pulled back the Veils, welcoming me whole body, spirit, mind into the Realm of the Dakinis. That was sometime around 2003. My life woven with the phenomenal realm of the Dakinis has many wild, unbelievable, heartful, mind-blowing stories…many novels worth. It’s hard to imagine my life without the Dakinis. We are one in the same.

Welcome to this luscious, life changing journey. I am your passionate host and guide, Tenley Wallace. My Tibetan name is Thinley Wangmo.

As the founder of Temple Tribal Fusion®, you can feel safe knowing, for the past decade, I have been holding women’s hands across thresholds of transformation and restructuring one’s lifestyle.

Yes, it is intimate, raw, real, and we have to be willing to get vulnerable and still ~ for this awakens our power.

I have been providing these life-enhancing experiences in group courses both online and in person, along with 1-on-1 private sessions, all of which include 1 or more of the following: dance, yoga, embodiment practices, fast path transformational modalities from both our time and the ancients.

Leveraging women to shift from a life of mundane into sacred, inspired, sensual, and authentic is my great joy and devotion!  ooxx 

Photo: Full Moon rising with Georgia, Tenley, & Joanna at Yogini Retreat, August 2019.

Testimonials from the TTF® Community

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“Since signing up for your immersion, I have witnessed myself stepping deeper into all aspects of my life: business, marriage, parenting…These things have been evolving for years, but my time with you is giving me fresh perspective on what I already created, and the commitment to step into these things with more fullness and devotion.”

Chelsea Phillips, Acupuncturist LAc, MSOM

“You live this Path – in its entirety. You breath this Path in your daily life. You share this Path in the form and formlessness of your devotion.”

Lillie Goldstein, Body Work & Life Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time per week should I plan for?

I don’t have any experience in these areas, but feel called to it. Ok for me to join?

Will I need computer, internet access, or wifi?

How long do I have access to the course?

Not sure I can afford this now, will you offer this Immersion again?

I am interested in doing TTF® Teacher Training. How do I start?

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

you  are  invited  to  this  dance

“Sacred dance figured in deity yoga, sacramental feasts, and ritual mandala enactments…Yoga practitioners donned ritual regalia, sat in the configuration of the mandala they were enacting, and performed dance and song in order to body forth the deities of the mandala.
“The enraptured women, ornamented as deities, flushed by dancing, and glowing with heightened awareness, could then receive worship, bestow blessings, and confer <their ultimate> powers.”

…One of my all time favorite quotes from my super hero, Professor Miranda Shaw in her extraordinary book, Buddhist Goddesses of India. My body and soul longs to live in this level of devotion, ritual, community, practice. This Immersion is my prayer and invocation to bridge these ancient sacred ways with our modern lives. 

I invite you into this sensuously sacred journey, to explore your passion, power, depth, mind, body, energy. And awaken together into a lifestyle that satisfies, nourishes, and inspires us on every level.

Who  are  the  Sky  Dancing  Dakinis ?

“Sensuously beautiful, vibrantly alive, she blazes with vitality and irrepressible dynamism, reveling in the sheer pleasure of being…Worldly appearances swirl around her as rainbow clouds of illusion through which she dances and soars into total freedom.” Dr. Miranda Shaw in Buddhist Goddesses of India

“The dakini is a force of truth…wherever we cling, she cuts; whatever we think we can hide, she reveals.” Sapchu Rinpoche in Wisdom Rising

“Refers to anyone who cuts through illusory deceptions,” Khandro Rinpoche interview by Study Buddhism

“They remind us to transform our ‘daily life’ into The Path, using every moment of experience as an opportunity for…practice and insight.” Dr. Miranda Shaw in Buddhist Goddesses of India

“She is dancing the wild tandava dance of Shiva at the end of the aeon.” Elizabeth English in her book, Vajrayogini.

“The dakinis are the most important element of the enlightened feminine in Tibetan Buddhism…If we are not willing to invite the dakini into our life, then we cannot enter these subtle states of mind. Sometimes dakinis appear as messengers, sometimes as guides, and sometimes as protectors,”  Lama Tsultrim Allione in Michaela Haas’ book, Dakini Power

Meet  the  dakinis

They are vast and numerous. Here are a few…


Dorje Pagmo ~ Tibetan

Vajravarahi ~ Sanskrit

Her vibrant Red hue embodies the symbol of the Feminine and Shakti, “Universal Feminine Energy.” Pagmo and Varahi refer to the Sow-pig Goddess. Dorje and Vajra are the indestructible lightning bolt and energy of this branch of Buddhism. In her crown is the squealing sow, with a sound so great, it reaches all corners and depths of the universe, awakening beings from their unconscious slumber.

Machig Labdron

Born in 1055, Machig Labdron became one of the most recognized Tibetan Buddhist teachers. She developed a highly significant practice still valued and practiced today, which has spread around the world. This yogini was a mother, teacher, and involved in the world, as well as spent much time in retreat. She attained the ultimate fruits of yogic discipline, and awakened as a fully realized Dakini. She is a superb symbol and example of women fully living as Dakini.

Troma Nagmo

The sole mother, blue-black Troma Nagmo. Her demeanor is extremely wrathful, dancing in an expanse of blazing wisdom inferno. The wrath of Dakinis is not anger, but embodies the fearless, ferocity, commitment, and determination to free all beings from suffering. This power enables Troma to emanate boundless compassion, touching ALL beings…no one is forgotten in Her reach.

What might a fearless and determined commitment to yourself look or feel like, that would actually reduce your suffering, and bring more sense of freedom?? How might this affect people around you?

View more art provided by Images of Enlightenment, exclusively represented by Dakini As Art. Art sales go to support the activities of The Yogini Project ( and their film empowering women, “Dakini Song.”

Contact me if you have additional questions or concers. Don’t be shy. ooxx Tenley   

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