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Soul-Sourced Business Guidance

90 Day Private 1-on-1 Program



Get on the Fast-Track to your Professional Goals and Vision… for the benefit of your fulfillment, and benefiting others.

How long have you been saying you’re gona get to this? TAKE A BOLD STEP NOW TOWARDS WHAT YOU REALLY DESIRE. Why wait any longer? The support and fuel you have been seeking is here!

Before we can make a reality leap from the mundane into a fulfilling lifestyle reflective of our heart, soul, skills, and training, we need to become deeply in tune with our Truth.

How do we get to our Truth?

Essentials for accessing & living our Soul Truth:

~ Clear mind, regardless of outer circumstances

~ Sound heart, free of emotional distractions

~ Vital & Grounded Body

~ Tried & True Personal Navigation System

~ Having a Safe, Intimate, & Consistent teacher, guide, ally

Of course, there are many ways we access our Truth, yet these are some of the essential starting points when entering this powerful 90 Day Program with me.

We start from the inside then go out, from the ground level, then move forward, so all parts of you are integrated, trust the process, and gracefully cooperate to embody your Soul-Sourced lifestyle and related profession. All parts of you celebrate together!

One of the most common concerns I hear from people seeking my guidance to develop their professional services and programs:

“I know I am meant to uplift other peoples lives, but how do I create a cohesive professional package including ALL the elements I have experience with, am trained in, am gifted, and passionate about?”

That’s exactly why I developed this Soul-Sourced 1-on-1 Program! Getting where you want is not as hard as you think when you have experienced support.

This unique 1-on-1 experience brings you and I together every other week for 90 Days. Take a moment to imagine what it will be like to have this kind of focused support and accountability to swiftly move towards your goals. This reliable container and trajectory gives you the foundation and leverage to:

~ clarify your goals and enhance your gifts

~ identify and bust fears, limitations, weaknesses

~ identify your strengths, talents, power, SOUL PURPOSE

~ create the structure and path required to meet your goals

~ organize, prioritize, and manage your time

~ learn how to say “no” to others to say “yes” to your Self

~ create a cohesive package of your various offerings

~ strategize promotions and marketing

* Plus many more depending on your personal path & direction

In summary, we carve out the most direct Steps to fulfill your highest good, for you and for others.

Sounds like what you been looking for?  Are you ready !?

*  To align with your goals and visions

*  Get your life going in the right direction

*  Gain powerful clarity and focus

To feel deeply satisfied on a Soul-level, knowing you are benefitting & enhancing other people’s lives

Take a moment to imagine what it will be like to have this kind of support and accountability to methodically and swiftly move towards your goals. 

Ask yourself a serious question, “What is actually holding me back from FULLY committing and moving towards my goals?” 


It’s time.  Invest in Yourself.


Wanna chat first?

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