“Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your masterful way of guiding us through. I am learning so much from you on multiple levels, one huge way is the way you hold space for us and let Shakti work us in the way we need. You encourage, challenge and guide us back to ourselves. I watch you get out of the way and just wait for what happens, while sustaining your place as Teacher. I am in awe.” ~ Misha Almira

“I would recommend it to any woman who is looking to deepen her spirituality, become more grounded, and find her bliss through movement. I have been given tools in many aspects of my life. The ability to create more structure by planning and creating time for my practice. Through the Seat of Power practices, I have been given different outlooks on situations that have brought more positivity and productivity. I’ve had a small taste of the fruits of my efforts, and it makes me excited for whatever comes next. You will always find reasons not to do something. Sometimes you just have to say ‘Yes’, and dive right in.” ~ Lyndsey Pederson

Recently becoming a mother and encountering seismic life shifts and body changes, I felt the urgency to gift this to myself. I needed to nourish my new life with presence and attention to my dreams. I had some fears i wouldn’t have time and energy to work the program into my busy sometimes hectic life. But now I’m listening more when I have a creative thought or impulse. Instead of just thinking ,”Oh wouldn’t that be nice” I’m finding myself actually going for it!  Also feeling stronger in general and more aligned with my passions.” ~ Kopi Gulbranson 

“Could I realistically spare the time for an intensive program, how I could pay for it, would I get along with other members of the group? Now I feel more sure of myself, and can more easily find my way back to center after some life happening “ruffles my feathers”. I have a clearer sense of myself as a divine being, and have a framework to continue getting better at recognizing and inhabiting these qualities.” ~ Katie

“I hesitated because of the cost, but I enjoyed meeting virtually other women who were called by the same energy. Receiving so many tools with the media you shared with us was very nourishing. It was a great investment for myself!” ~ Aya Alicia

“I was asking the Universe to send me a teacher, and I was searching the internet and somehow I ended up on your site and I had a whole body and soul yessss.  It is so hard to find someone that combines the ritual and all the sacred dances you have put together. I really respect your work and your journey that has taken you there.” ~ Corrina Choe

Thanks for holding a powerful container for the transmutation of our darkness and our enlightened devi power!  Wooo it is amazing!” ~ Anonymous from Spring Immersion, 2019

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