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wisdom  sessions

Private 1-on-1 Guided Experience into your Wisdom Stream & Soul Truth



Receive support & guidance for taking steps forward in personal growth and transformation.

We all get to a place in life when it is of optimum value to hear and head our Inner Truth and Wisdom.  Yet most of us have not cultivated the skills necessary to do so. Thus we scramble throughout our lives trying to figure out how to make decisions that will lead to our greatest fulfillment, for ourself, and for others.

There is no need to scramble, wonder, learn the hard way when you can be safely lead directly into your deep, innate source of Wisdom and Higher Knowledge. I have extensive training in the areas of Intuitive Readings, Healings, and Transformational modalities. You can relax knowing you found the right place to go in, receive, and grow.

Wisdom Sessions are a private, safe, and confidential journey inward. Come with questions, or simply receive healing and guidance.

Commonly people come to me for the following:

~ How to navigate through life, love, money, home, health

~ Clear confusion & gain clarity for mind, energy, spirit, body

~ Desire to connect with loved ones no longer in body, or babies yet born

Sessions include various methods to successfully guide and connect you with deep healing and your personal Wisdom Sources.

Answer questions, or receive clear understanding about life events, relationships, embodying your authentic Truth, achieving goals, etc. Often sessions provide take home steps or practices for a graceful and pragmatic approach to achieve your goals.

Wisdom Sessions are a gateway to our Truth, Heart, and Soul, and a great leverage for any phase of life.

For your optimum experience and support, suggested is book at least 3 sessions. Opening, middle, and concluding. 

Invest in Yourself & Your Future

*When booking, include your phone # & preferred email address*

Your 1st session is only $55.

Continuing sessions are Sliding Scale: $75 to $108. 

Contact me to choose your amount & book time.


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