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Soul-Sourced Business Guidance

Here’s your chance to work one-on-one with me on YOUR business.

I’m honored many of you have been asking for my guidance to develop your professional services and programs. One of the most common concerns I hear is:

“How do I create a cohesive professional package including all the elements I have experience with, am trained in, feel gifted and passionate about?”

This is exactly why I developed Soul-Sourced 5-Week 1:1 Privates!

This unique 1-on-1 experience brings you and I together weekly for 5 weeks, focalizing you to clarify your goals, enhance your gifts, bust fears and limitations, and carve out a direct path to fulfill your highest good, for you and others.

ONLY 2 SEATS PER MONTH ~ Reserve yours now*

Temple Arts Immersion


Redesign your life to reflect your soul’s purpose. 

It’s PHYSICAL – tone & strengthen your body

It’s SPIRITUAL – cultivate a practice & rhythm you can count on

It’s ENERGETIC – generate Shakti! …Feminine Creative & Vital Power

It’s PRAGMATIC ~manifest your desires with focus, discipline, structure

It’s INTIMATE – get raw & real, be vulnerable, be heard in a safe place

Temple Arts Program is a 10 Week Online Program including Video Classes, Live Calls, Meditation Recordings, Manifestation Tools, Valuable Resources, Sacred Community, and a lot more! 

Designed specifically for you: the busy modern woman commited to her growth & dreams.

* NEXT SESSION: MAY 2018 – Save your Seat Now *

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