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Welcome, These Temple Gates open wide to you!

Herein exists the potential and invitation for you to completely update your body, energy, mind, and overall lifestyle in the fine company of heart centered women dedicated to the same.

Scroll through a variety of first steps for you to choose from… for you to be seen as you are, honor where you have been, and fuel the path where you are going.    See options listed under “Work With Me” menu.

You may choose to start in a 1-on-1 private experience with me,

or have a taste of TTF® to do on your own with pre-recorded classes,

or ready for a complete Temple Arts Immersion online with your new community. 

In addition to the selection of “1-on-1 Privates,” you can also book Mentoring & Lifestyle Design Sessions as a means to craft sessions specifically reflecting your areas of interest.     Contact me to register and book.

Individual Sessions (rather than a package):         

1st Introductory Session = $70

Pre-book 4 Sessions  = $300 ($75 each to be used within 3 months)

Pre-book 2 Sessions  = $170 ($85 each to be used within 2 months)

Single Session             = $95

Reach out to book or with questions. Don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s my joy and dedication to leverage women to the fullest embodiment and expression of their being. Everyone benefits!

The wellness of our Planet and her inhabitants depends on the wellness of women. 

Looking forward to connecting with you, Tenley

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