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Self-Mastery Mentorships

This is the sacred container where you get my All!

For women ready to do what it takes to truly shift and upgrade your reality, from inside to out.

Contact me to learn all the bounty you get with this customized, 1:1 journey to swiftly meet your goals, personally, professionally, spiritually.

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Develop Your Personal Home Practice

Bring more grace, vitality, ease of mind, and a sacred touch to your daily life. I promise.

* Create a weekly flow that complements your busy life.

* Add a sacred touch to your daily routines.

* Get more of what makes you feel great and shine!

* Vitalize your body and calm the mind.

Yes, you can have it all…when you are ready to commit and get disciplined.

That’s what I’m here for…to hold your hand, be your accountability ally, listen to your needs, and create a path for you to easily follow that will carry you to meet those needs and goals.

I have an extensive background of practices, methods, lineages, and experience I pull from to create a home practice and path of discipline as unique as you ooxx   And I have a 100% success rate with guiding my clients’ to their Personal Practice goals.

My joy is to enable you to get where you want to go as swiftly and pleasurably as possible! I witness this happen regularly with my committed clients.

* Are your ready for this luscious Reality Shift? *

Soul-Sourced Business Guidance

Here’s your chance! Work with me 1-on-1 to update your business…to reflect who you are, what you love, and how you are skilled to serve.

It’s an exciting journey when you receive my guidance to develop your professional services and programs based on your desire to serve others. 

One of the most common concerns I hear is:

“How do I create a cohesive professional package including all the elements I have experience with, am trained in, feel gifted and passionate about?”

This is exactly why I developed the Soul-Sourced Business Program! I’ll share with you the most crucial elements that made it possible for my profession and passion to soar. What sets my programs apart from others is I provide you my extensive background in study and practice of business and marketing, along with various personal growth and life-style design practices. I use both these realms to guide you to update your profession, driven from your Soul Purpose.

A unique business shaping method…as unique as you and your vision. You get the inside secrets and skills I’ve developed from a decade+ building TTF®! I’m happy to provide you this step-by-step experience reflecting who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. 

This 1-on-1 experience brings you and I together on a regular basis, focalizing you to clarify your goals, enhance your gifts, bust fears and limitations, and carve out a direct path to fulfill your highest good, for you and for others.

Imagine what it will be like to have this kind of support and accountability to methodically and swiftly move to your goals. 

* It’s time. Get started now. *

Wisdom Session

Ask, Listen, Trust your Intuitive Power, Innate Wisdom, & Soul Truth.

Be guided directly into your Wisdom Stream in a private, confidential, and safe experience. 

Receive the support you need to enable you to confidently take steps forward in your growth and transformation.

Come with questions, or simply receive healing and guidance. Get answers to the Unknown, or gain clear understanding about life events, relationships, embodying your authentic Truth, achieving goals, etc.  All questions, wonderings, and wanderings are welcome here. 

There is no need to scramble through life when you can be safely lead directly into your deep, innate source of Wisdom and Higher Knowledge. I have extensive training in the areas of Intuitive Readings, Healings, and various Transformational modalities and traditions. You can relax knowing you found the right place to go in, receive, and grow.

* It’s time you access your Wisdom and know your Truth. *

Temple Arts Immersion™


Re-design your life to reflect your Soul’s Purpose and Heart’s Desire.

This intimate group experience also includes private sessions with me. 

Designed specifically for you: the busy modern woman committed to your growth and dreams.

It’s PHYSICAL – tone & strengthen your body

It’s SPIRITUAL – cultivate a practice & rhythm you can count on

It’s ENERGETIC – generate Shakti! …Feminine Creative & Vital Power

It’s PRAGMATIC ~manifest your desires with focus, discipline, structure

It’s INTIMATE – get raw & real, be vulnerable, be heard in a safe place

Temple Arts Program is a 10 Week Online Program including Video Classes, Live Calls, Meditation Recordings, Manifestation Tools, Valuable Resources, Sacred Community, and a lot more! 

* NEXT SESSION:  Autumn 2019 *

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