Start YOUR Temple Practice with FREE Full Length Classes!

Daily  Discipline sadhana

For ripening your body ~ mind ~ energy

Self-Guided 4 Part Series, Level 1

Registration includes 4 video classes with Tenley & TTF® Shakti Sisters.

Bring more grace, vitality, ease of mind, and a sacred touch to your daily life in just 4 weeks!  

Create a weekly flow that complements your busy life.

Get more of what makes you feel great and shine!

Vitalize your body and calm the mind.

Yes, you can have it all…when you are ready to commit and get Disciplined.

That’s what I’m here for…to hold your hand and plan it all out for you.

I designed this course to give you all the building blocks required in creating your own personalized Home Practice & Daily Discipline (“Sadhana” in Sanskrit). Enjoy each class at least 2 to 3 times to prepare for the next class.

With each class, you gain understanding and stability to create your own flow and practice. And you can meet with me privately to determine how to bring your practice and capacity to the next level! 

This series gives you a strong foundation to create your own personal home practice to give you more of what you love!

Get excited!! Depending on your level of Discipline, this can literally be life changing. I am living proof.

We build each week with these Daily Practices:

Breath & Pranayama

Chakra (Energy Wheels) Management

Asana for Alignment, Strength, Agility

Mudra (Sacred Seals)

Meditation (Mind Wrangling & Stress Management) 

Wisdom & Shakti Cultivation

My joy is to enable you to get where you want to go as swiftly and pleasurably as possible! This happens regularly with my Disciplined students. You can to!

Includes 4 classes, 1 hour 15 minutes each.

Access all classes recordings indefinitely! I encourage you to enjoy them throughout the 4 weeks and beyond! Design your own home practice 🙂

Start anytime, anywhere. Follow your bliss*

Are you ready for this luscious Reality Shift?

It’s always the right time to start your Home Practice.

Only $48 !

Congrats for giving yourself this wise and affordable investment for your wellbeing and capacity to face the world, eyes and heart wide open.

If you really want to go for it, get the Complete TTF® Experience!

All-Inclusive Package with just 1 simple click! 

Cohesive, step-by-step series of classes + Temple Arts Immersion™ unlike anything you can find elsewhere. 

Designed to activate you on every level, inside & out. In other words, this will seriously ROCK YOUR WORLD! I promise ooxx

Trust me, if you have the time and resources, give this to yourself. You will not regret it.

+ Private session with me is included to guide you through this journey! 🙂 I’d love to connect with you live!


Here’s your Reality Shift…

When you are ready to take your Home Practice next level, contact me for private sessions.

Experience what happens when you receive experienced assistance to learn how to attune to the Desires of your Body, Heart, & Soul. 

Suggested time-lines:

~ 4 month Catalyst

~ 6 month Clarify & Direct

~ 12 month Reality Shift

Contact me for details.


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