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of  the

Dark  Goddesses

August 31, 2021



 Don’t miss! An extraordinary deep dive into nearly forgotten and greatly misunderstood, yet potent and fiercely compassionate Dark Goddesses:

India’s Kali, Europe’s Black Madonna, Tibet’s Dakinis, and more.

This is a Passage into their beauty way legacy, their dances, symbology, and secrets that invoke their embodiment, magic, and wisdom into our lives today.

Tuesday August 31, 2021

4:30 – 7:30 pm

All women welcome – no previous experience necessary

Join us in person: Yuba Yoga & Dance, 7487 Penn Valley Dr b103, Penn Valley, CA

Join us on Zoom: Register 1st, then contact me for zoom info


Pre-register below, or at door = $90

*** Group Discount: Register with 3 women, just pay for 2!!
= $90 x 2 = $180 total registration
= only $60 each!

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Event Details:

We gather Tuesday eve in the tradition from both in India and Tibet: 

Tuesday eves are believed to be the optimum portal to access and honor the energy (“Shakti”) of these Dark Yogini Goddesses.

Join Georgia and Tenley at the first of an evolving exploration into the embodiment mysteries and sacred dances of these Dark Goddess.

Learn what you will experience August 31…

Tenley Wallace, founder of Temple Tribal Fusion®

For nearly 25 years, Tenley has been immersed in Dark Goddess lineages from India, Tibet, Nepal. She has had the great blessing for in depth study and practice with world renowned masters of these lineages along with decades in cultivating her own personal practices, research, devotion, and embodiment of these Yogini traditions, as found in her signature methods of Temple Tribal Fusion® group and 1-on-1 experiences. click to learn more:

Tenley brings you lineage based secrets to decode mysteries and wide spread misunderstandings of these radical, unbound, fully awakened Dark Goddesses.

This will come in the form of sacred dance, symbology, and a direct experience for you to meet these Goddesses. You will also receive Tenley’s signature style of Shakti Yoga™, designed specifically to open, cultivate, and direct “Shakti” (Feminine Power) throughout the female body as exemplified by these ancient Yogini Archetypes.

You will learn Tenley’s TTF® choreography merging authentic Yogini symbology, ritual, mudras (hand gestures), bunghis (body postures), bhava (emotion & face gestures).

Tenley shares this rare opportunity, with a desire to seed in you the potential and power of these Goddesses to awaken your authentic embodiment.

She has devoted her life as messenger for these Dark Goddess Yogini traditions. And believes these secrets and sadhana (lineage practices) are the remedy for our times, in this Kali Yuga: 

“Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women.™ ”


Georgia Schiele, Owner of Yuba Yoga & Dance + Heart of Gold Essential

As a mother, Georgia draws upon the wisdom of motherhood in all that she does. Since age twelve, Georgia has been on a sacred dance path, with like-minded women, most of them mothers of young. She was performing in a in a Troupe at the age of fourteen. For the last 18 years, Georgia has been herself teaching a therapeutic-meets-stylistic fusion dance practice for sacred embodiment. Her unique practice- both shared and personal, as well as her education and ritual embodiment, present in a fusion of all her movement influences: middle eastern dance, Persian, Latin, hip-hop, and Hatha yoga. More recently, Georgia has embraced the teacher role in yoga as well, which has for her become a dharmic calling as well. She is the owner and founder at Yuba Yoga & Dance in Penn Valley, California.


In Dances Of The Dark Goddesses, Georgia is inspired to share her thread of awareness of, as well as a passion for, and curiosity and reverence to- the mysterious and majestic dark goddesses of the world. It is their divine presence, who reminds us that their darkness not only isn’t evil, it is actually deeply compassionate and womb-like benevolence, enveloping us in her mystery, protective womb-energy en-darkened mothering energy. She is in fact in all things, for she is our true nature. In this workshop, Georgia will share her artistic knowledge through teaching about the Black Madonnas, and other sacred dark mother archetypes that spread across the world, throughout the ages, through verbal education & dance choreography.


Bring with you to maximize this experience: 

Friends, water, wear comfortable movement friendly garments (expressive is encouraged!), journal, snax & hydration, yoga mat

Join us for dinner after at restaurant across street from studio ooxx


Pre-register by Monday, August 24 = $75

After August 24 & at door = $90

Use venmo link: @Tenley-Wallace-1

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