This Journey of Feminine Empowerment guides you to create a sacred and deeply satisfying life as unique as you. Learn to weave this inspiring and powerful Path into your daily modern life.




& Temple Tribal Fusion® Certification

10 Week Online Group Program

An inspiring, supportive, and thorough journey into this multi-level system of Temple Arts.


It’s PHYSICAL – tone & strengthen your body

It’s SPIRITUAL – cultivate a solid meditation practice

It’s ENERGETIC – generate your Feminine Power 

It’s PRAGMATIC – manifest with focus, discipline, structure

It’s INTIMATE – get raw & real, be vulnerable & heard, feel safe



NEXT  SESSION:  Begins when 10 or more women are ready

Contact Tenley if you are one of them

The Temple Arts Program is a 10 Week Online Program including Video Classes, Live Calls, Meditation Recordings, Manifestation Tools, Valuable Resources, Sisters, and a lot more!



Designed specifically for you:

The busy modern woman committed to her growth & dreams.

Let’s face it…Even though you do your best to be healthy, practice yoga, and attempt to stay connected to Spirit, we still need more support from people who really get us.  

Whether you don’t feel good in your body, unexpected events throw you off course, you’re overwhelmed with struggles to manifest your dreams, this 10 Weeks will guide you in the direction your heart longs for.  

It’s crucial to make time for yourself, to get grounded and know how to access your source of power, inspiration, wisdom, and sensuality. As a woman, your life depend on these, so you can relax into who you innately are, to feel “carried” through life.  

Your goals & dreams literally depend on this.






Get ready to create a weekly flow with activities you love and inspire you! Feel and look radiant!


This is more than a “program”…we redesign our lifestyle.

 *10 Weeks Include* :  

~ Weekly Class Videos: yoga, conditioning, dance, drills, musicality, mudras, postures, combos, extra resources & more…

~ Audios with meditations, “Seat of Power” Practices, Womb Wisdom…

~ Live Bi-weekly Support Phone Calls

~ “Weekly Action Plan”: I map it out for you. All you need to do is show up.

~ Weekly Embodiment Declarations to reset beliefs & open You to More possibilities!

Once you get 10 Weeks of ongoing yoga, dance, meditation, manifestation practices, and feeling great…you wont what to stop! This becomes the foundation of your life!


Most importantly, you receive a safe place with your new favorite sisters.

What You Will Leave With: 

  • 6 Months in total of Video Classes
  • Full online curriculum you have indefinitely to enjoy at your own pace
  • Steady Spiritual Discipline
  • Your Passions & Creativity ignited
  • Toned Body from your weekly yoga, dance & conditioning classes
  • Knowing how to create Time to focus on your dreams & desires
  • Cleared Physical & Mental Blocks

10 Weeks, 1 Extraordinary Journey


For over 20 years, I have been developing a modern genre of Temple Dance and related Arts called “Temple Tribal Fusion®.” A multi-layered system for Empowering Women, focused on dance, yoga, conditioning, spiritual discipline, and ancient Sacred Feminine traditions. With the foundation in Tribal Belly Dance and Yogic Practices, TTF® fuses these with a variety of Sacred Dance lineages, supporting women to embody their innate grace, strength, and true nature. 

My life rests upon this empowering Path and practices. The shifts in my personal, professional, and spiritual life have enabled me to manifest my goals and levels of success I only dreamed of before, feel more graceful and supported with the demands of life, and create a strong and vital body for a dynamic and an adventurous life! I love sharing this with other women…I dedicate my life to this.



I’ll guide you step by step through my successful methods of manifestation: “6 Phases to Fulfill Your Goals & Desires” I hold your hand through each Phase to help you better understand yourself, your unique gifts, your challenges, and what lights you up! Essential to creating a body and life you love.

Here’s a taste of what the “6 PHASES” includes:


Every woman innately has it, & it’s ripe time you know how to cultivate and use it! Be magnetic! Create your dreams with grace! This will support your whole life.


I deliver a serious workout, leading to an overall sense of empowerment, inspiration, & focus. Looking great in jeans is just a bonus!


Dance expresses the most graceful & sensual aspects of women. Feel fabulous in your feminine form, whatever shape or size! When we awaken & claim all parts of our body, we are confident & move with grace. Now that’s sexy!


There are many valid reasons why women hide. I have good news… that story is over! We clear your outdated stories & beliefs so you can LIVE & LOVE YOUR TRUTH NOW!


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Is that still alive in your heart? It’s time to focus on YOU! Re-discover your passions, pleasures, & what satisfies your Heart & Soul.


Get real & vulnerable. It’s safe here. A big part of these programs is to give you the support and connection you are seeking: allies, feedback, accoutability, celebration… with women like you committed to their Greatness!


Yoga is an essential part of TTF®. Expands us on every level. Awakens our breath, which pumps Shakti through the body. This fuels & enlivens our energetic system & physical body. We get stronger & more flexible.


It’s inevitable…when you shine, you become magnetic! You naturally attract the life you love when you feel fablulous in your body, are connected with your Soul Purpose, & have a relationship with the Divine.



These women are on fire!

And sharing with you their valuable research, wisdom, and secrets.


These women bring a diverse array of expertise, giving you more ways to explore and discover your greatest path of inspiration, fulfillment, health, and vitality.

Krista Holland

Surya Soma School of Yoga & Living Arts

Class Series: Embodiment via Principles & Wisdom of Shiva (masculine) to Uplift Shakti (feminine)

Inspired by Shaiva Tantra:

1. Fire & Nectar practices

2. Discipline & luxuriation

3. Key to Physiology: Breath

Joanna Hathcock

Shaktified Arts – Sacred Adornment Specialist

Class Series: The Art of Shaktified Living

1. Shakti-vities!

2. Sacred Adornment: Radiance as Offering

3. Empowered Communication & Relationships

Georgia Schiele

Wellness & Essential Oils Advocate

Class Series: Art of Anointing, from Ancient to Now

1. Body & Bath

2. Home Temple

3. Sacred Sensuality

Patti Kelly

Wholistic Skincare & Feminine Health

Class Series: Feminine Beauty Rituals & Wellness

1. Beauty Alchemy from Within

2. Become the Moontime Oracle

3. Sacred Skin & the Art of Adornment





“Could I realistically spare the time for an intensive program, how I could pay for it, whether I would get along with other members of the intentionally-small group?  

Now I feel more sure of myself, and can more easily find my way back to center after some life happening “ruffles my feathers”. I have a clearer sense of myself as a divine being, and have a framework to continue getting better at recognizing and inhabiting the qualities of Devi.  

I really connected most to the Seat of Power practices, and found a lot of joy and fulfillment in my altar time. I was happy about getting to know you more and spending time together in a small group setting during the group calls. I’m also glad to be invited to stay in touch with you and the other ladies as a community after the end of the program!”

~ Katie 

“I would recommend it to any woman who is looking to deepen her spirituality, become more grounded, and find her bliss through movement and bellydance.

I’ve always been curious about bellydance. Especially tribal fusion dance… however, nothing of that sort has been available for me where I’m living. When something comes up, I’ve always made excuses like, ‘oh, I’m too busy’, or ‘I cant afford it right now’. This alone gave me the incentive to finally put myself, and my dreams FIRST. 

You will always find reasons not to do something. Sometimes you just have to say ‘Yes’, and dive right in.

I feel like I have been given tools in many aspects of my life. The ability to create more structure by planning and creating time for my practice, whatever that may be at the time. Through the Seat of Power audios, I have been given different outlooks on situations that have brought more positivity and productivity. I’ve had a small taste of the fruits of my efforts, and it makes me excited for whatever comes my way next.  

I loved learning the choreography. It was so different from any other dance I have taken, on many levels. It’s a very beautiful, and empowering dance. 

I loved the Seat of Power audios. I’ve re listened to them since the program ended, and they have been a huge help for me to re-center when I am feeling overwhelmed, or just when I need some time for myself. I also loved the one-on-one talks with you. I loved how you were able to keep up with us, and went out of your way to connect regularly. You are a very empowering teacher and it felt very easy to connect with you in many ways.”

Lyndsey | Hairstylist | Canada

“I had the Desire to dance more, developing Shakti energy within me. TTF® is so perfect for me.  

I hesitated because of the cost, but I enjoyed meeting virtually other women who were called by the same energy. Receiving so many tools with the media you shared with us was very nourishing. It was a great investment on myself 🙂  

My body feels great. I feel connected to my grace. I would recommend this to women who have a practice, discipline, and want to develop dance & Shakti awareness!”.”

Aya Alicia | Yoga & Theta Healing facilitator | From France, living in California

Be amongst the 1st to get Temple Tribal Fusion® Certification!


After years of women asking how to deepen their studies & experience with me, here it is!


Here’s why TTF® Certification is a big deal…  

After you receive TTF® Certification, you have the choice to:

~ Receive TTF® Teacher Training – Immersion is the foundation for Training

~ Attend in-depth study retreats with me live in a variety of fabulous locations

~ Apply to attend pilgrimage of the Yogini & Deva Dasi epicenter of Orissa, India

~ Audition for performances & rituals

Take this Step. Commit to Your Dreams!

Wanna chat first and make sure it’s right for you?
CONTACT ME and we will set up a 15 min meet & greet call. 

©2018 TempleTribalFusion®

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