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History of Odissi ~ Scroll to bottom of page

Learn how to embody your yogini nature, and continue dancing through the shifting waves of Kali’s Yuga… For the ripening of your Awakening, and to benefit All Beings.

This may be the only place you will ever find this collection of information delivered in a concise and cohesive display. I welcome you into the sacred, and what has thus far been, secret sanctum of my heart and devotion, along with polished jewels of my research, study, and practice from the past 20+ years.

Both of these never before offered courses are open to everyone, ages 14+. 

By dancing, doing yoga, lifting our vibration, stilling the mind, we are holding the torch of faith and wellbeing for others. The world needs us more than ever to shine and inspire others to do the same.

Foundations of Odissi Indian Classical Dance

Inner Realms of the Yogini Temple Dancer

This course is meticulously designed to provide you a strong foundation of understanding and internal development to optimize your experience and practice in the Odissi Indian Classical Dance Choreography series below.

I am using the term “Yogini Temple Dancer” due to my theory and practice that the fully embodied and accomplished Temple Dancer must first embody and excel as Yogini.

Learn for yourself what this means and how these rare insights, disciplines, and tools cultivate your being into your authentic beauty, power, wisdom, and service.

4 Week Series Outline:

Week 1: Tale of the Gypsy Trail ~ Herstory of TTF® – Includes Temple Dance Herstory, & Slideshow

Week 2: Inner Alchemies of the Yogini Temple Dancer: Energy Rivers & Wheels (nadis/chakras) + The Powers of the Costume

Week 3: Science of Mudras: The Heart & Universe Expressed

Week 4: Ancient Secrets of “Bhumi Pranam,” a moving prayer of sacred geometry: Visualizations, Invocation, Shakti Embodiment

Odissi Indian Classical Dance Choreography

Merging the Sacred Feminine from India & Tibet 

I have constructed a choreography that symbolizes and merges the Yogini Tradition from India and the Dakini Tradition from Tibet. These ancient Feminine Archetypes are amongst the most powerful, expressive, and sensual Goddesses. Their duties are similar: dissolving illusions, representing our fully awakened state, and offering boundless compassion for all beings.

Odissi originated in one of India’s epicenters for Yoginis and Temple Dance, so Odissi is deeply rooted in Yogic Tradition. Classes focus on these principles of physical and energetic alignment, breath, sharpening our mental capacity, and other elements at the foundation of this dance.

Each class includes yoga, dance conditioning, and introductory Odissi practices including mudra (hand gestures) and padha (language of the feet). When appropriate, there will be discussion on the Herstory of Temple Dance and Yoginis.

Be ready to move & activate your Shakti!




Shakti Yoga™ is foundational for Odissi classes. I highly recommended attending when doing Odissi. Gives you advantage with Odissi’s physical, mental, and energetic demands. Learn more.

Available by Request: Private 1-on-1 Instruction, Group Lessons, Ritual, Performance, Herstorical Talks & Teachings

As with all TTF® & Tenley Wallace offerings, NO REFUNDS. Reach out with questions before purchasing.


Odissi’s Abbreviated HERstory, by Tenley Wallace

Odissi Indian Classical Dance is the daughter to a very ancient system of Temple Dance from India’s East Coast state of Orissa. For 1000’s of years, society looked upon and entrusted Temple Dancers as the embodiment of fertility, abundance, sensuality, and the life-giving energy called Shakti. They were advanced Yoginis, and intensively trained Dancers, starting at a very young age. Their life was single focused on their training and Ritual Dance duties. They were literally married to the God, thus were Wives of the God, and appropriately had their own Matriarchal caste at the highest level of society, next to the Deity.

After India got independence from England in 1947, a great cultural revolution began. Odissi was a result of this renaissance, with a few dedicated men piecing together the remains of a nearly forgotten Temple Dance tradition and practice.

Ancient Temple Dance included rhythm of the feet with bells, and Odissi has continued this tradition. Feet and bells act as musical instruments. Yet also, since Temple Dancers were the ambassadors of Shakti to society, they also learned various methods to cultivate and channel Shakti.

Feet slapping earth and stone of ancient Temples calls forth the bountiful and powerful Shakti of the earth, directly into the Dancer’s body, igniting the physical, energetic, spiritual system, and beyond. Hand gestures, called mudras, are sourced from this Shakti, as are the facial expressions, and this dance in general.

Come to class to learn more of this fascinating and nearly forgotten tradition.

It is with great delight, honor, and devotion to bring this powerful practice and art to you.

In Devotion,   Tenley

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