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Yogini & Deva Dasi Pilgrimage

Orissa, India


A select group of women will gather to embark on a life-changing experience in the embrace of Maa India.

Pilgrimage is 10 days in Orissa, India. Dates to be determined when there are 5 or more women who have completed pre-requisites and paid deposit of $1000. Details including exact dates and costs will then be available. Suggested budget for air, pilgrimage and study tuition, food, lodging, all additional expenses approximately $2700 to 3000.

Pre-requisite options to receive Pilgrimage application:

~ Temple Arts Immersion™ : 
Multi Week Online Group program. Next session starts January 2020.  Anyone who has completed any session of TAI is welcome to apply to pilgrimage.  Contact me for details. Registration will open mid to late September 2019.


~ Temple Arts 5 Week Custom Design program:
Work with me 1-on-1 to develop your home practice (physical & spiritual). This will include information and practices to prepare you for Pilgrimage, if that is your interest. Details here.


If you are ready to get a closer look, enjoy these:

A rare glimpse of my personal journey into India’s Temple and Dance culture. 
A video on my intimate details about pilgrimage. Join me on the rooftop of my home in India.


If you are interested or would like a Pilgrimage Application, contact me.   Let’s make a date to talk soon.

Offered with great devotion, Tenley ♥

Photos from my Pilgrimages 2015 & 2017.

I recently was included in a Facebook post regarding someone’s interest and fears for pilgrimage in India. Here’s my response:

It is wise to fear Maa India. She IS the Ultimate Initiator. That’s why it’s REALLY valuable to go with a pro. You can avoid many of the initiations of 1st timers that way …or 2nd, or 3rd or 4th timers.

I have traveled to and throughout India extensively, and bring women on pilgrimage to far reaching Yogini and Devi Dasi sacred sites. Next trip will also include Dakini Lands and Temples of the Tibetan Plateau. There is an application process and pre-requisites since this kind of travel is so demanding, and not suitable for everyone. Contact me to discuss more.

To ask what the weather is like in India is like asking what weather like in the USA. It’s a vast land of diversity. Depends where you want to go and when. Blissings, Tenley

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