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Talisman Caravan

Traditional Dance & music

of the silk road


Love Stories from The Silk Road

This all star group of talent takes you on a luscious journey exploring traditions generally obscure to the West, yet hold some of the richest cultural expressions of dance, music, costuming, storytelling, myth, and prayer.

Ride this Caravan along the Gypsy Trail of Old, beginning in India, into Central Asia and Persia, continuing to Arabia and the Middle East. Our journey culminates in a modern fusion of these traditions, along with Tribal Belly Dance, and special touches from the Gypsies!

Our Music Maestro Jef Stott ( brings together a multi-cultural collection of Silk Road musicians who are skillful and diversely experienced ambassadors of sound. Hannah Romanowsky ( has spent much of her life immersed in the dances of the Silk Road. Her remarkably diverse background brings the authentic presence of Silk Road dance and culture.

Tenley Wallace (www.TempleTribalFusion.combrings these masterful artists together, weaving her love and passion of these Ancient Arts which have survived the tests of time and distance so we may enjoy these riches today.

Talisman Caravan celebrates the magnificence and heritage of Silk Road Dances and Music, and is honored and delighted to bring this to your special event.

Contact us for details about booking. Please include date, location, budget, your phone number, and any additional information you can provide about your event. You will be contacted promtply. Thank you for your interest!


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