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TTF® is a lineage based modern tradition of Temple Dance and related Arts. Explore the alchemy of Tribal Belly Dance, Yoga, Indian Classical Dance, and Embodiment Practices to cultivate your wellness, vitality, grace, and strength. 

All TTF® classes include yoga, conditioning, drills, and choreography to work your body, increase your Shakti, build your booty, expand your skill, and have a lot of fun in a heart centered learning environment. 

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Each Album is stocked with pre-recorded class videos which build on each other in a systematized way, for you to learn and excel swiftly! Detailed instructions given with registration.

Each Album contains the following pre-recorded video classes designed to carry you through in depth practice and study:

~ Yoga & Conditioning

~ Drills & Choreography

~ Musicality

** Plus Album #1 & #5 contain important bonus video classes! See below for details.

Basic Outline for each Temple Arts Album below:

Class Video 1 – “Yoga & Conditioning”  Begin with these foundational TTF® practices. Cultivate your yogic skills and discipline of mental focus and generating your Shakti (power & vitality).

Class Video 2 – “Drills & Choreography”  Your body, mind, and energy will be honed and heightened from “Yoga & Conditioning” in preparation for this class. Now it’s time to develop agility, strength, grace, and understanding of body mechanics required in dance.

Class Video 3 – “Musicality” classes bring all the pieces together to complete choreography for each Album. Learn choreography including counting music, sound cues, rhythmic details, polishing.

CLICK to view the complete choreography!  This is what you learn from Albums 1 through 5.

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After you register, email will be sent to you with instructions & access to classes. May take up to 3 days to arrive. Thanks for your patience.

Temple Special Discount

+ Bonus Gift: Private Class with me!

This is your biggest discount & best deal!

Get all 5 Albums + All Bonuses =  $255


If you are on a tight budget purchase albums individually:

Album #1  =  1 to 2 months worth of content  =  $30

Includes valuable Bonus Class:

“Bhumi Pranam” ~ Dance Prayer & Ritual

Album #1 & 2  =  2 to 4 months  =  $55


Album #1, 2, 3, 4   =   4 to 6 months   =   $200

Album #5 + Bonuses !!  =  $75

Includes Meet & Greet private session with Tenley ($95 value)

Plus Essential Bonus Class: “Bhava ~ Emotion is Devotion”

Plus Odissi choreography with footwork, mudras, body postures

~ No Refunds ~

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