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TTF®  Reunion  &  Yogini Retreat

aka  shakti  summer  camp !!

.Temple Tribal Fusion®  Reunion

&  yogini  retreat


This special and joyous Reunion is meticulously curated to prepare for our in depth Yogini “Sadhana (practice, ritual, transmission) which is generously offered to us by my beloved Yogini & Shakti Teacher. She has authorized me to take you through this experience on her behalf (Read her letter to you below for details). Her wisdom stream has tremendously influenced TTF®. This is truly an incredible opportunity and blessing for all of us!! And even more so since we have the invitation to meet in person to nurture and more deeply establish our “Sangha” (community & allies sharing a path of Transformational Discipline).

Our Reunion days leading up to the Yogini Sadhana prepare and heighten our bodies, minds, energy/Shakti, devotion, and understanding specifically for this sadhana and face to face, womb to womb introduction to the 64 Yoginis.

This is a peak into our last Yogini Retreat. The next one will happen by request. So if you want to join us, contact me ooxxx Tenley

Located in the stunning mountains of Bend,Oregon. Lodging & flight info at bottom of page. 

TTF® Teacher Training: (optional, not required)

For those of you interested or already committed to Teacher Training (“TT”), this event is required, and is pre-requisite for private retreat with my Yogini Teacher next year. Additionally, I highly recommended you book at least 1 private session with me during your stay in Bend. Details below.

* COMPLETE  Schedule *


Mon Aug 12:  Private Sessions with Tenley (optional or for TT)

Tues Aug 13: 

12 – 5 p Private Sessions with Tenley (optional or for TT)

Wed Aug 14: 1st EVER TTF® Reunion officially begins!!

3 p   In Temple: Opening Ceremony, Tea Party, Retreat Intro

Shakti Activities, Practices, Rituals ~ Art of Anointing Interactive Experience with Georgia

Dinner in Downtown Bend @ Joolz + Sunset Sesh

Thur Aug 15, Full Moon Magic! : 

10:30 – 12:30ish In Studio: Ah yeah! Get ur Shakti groove on:  Shakti Yoga™, Embodiment Practices, TTF® Dance

1:00 – 2p   Lunch @ Fix & Repeat

2:15p In Temple: Part 1~ The Body Mandala to Embody Shakti 

Shakti Activities, Practices, Rituals ~ Sacred Adornment Interactive Experience with Joanna

Dinner in Downtown Bend @ 900 Wall + Sunset Sesh and/or super fun music event down town!

Fri Aug 16: 

9:15 – 10:15a   In Studio:  Shakti Yoga™  see class details

10:30 – TBD  In Studio: More TTF® Dance, Embodiment Practices, and Shakti!

Self Serve Lunch: See options in Box Factory or Market of Choice

1:30  Departure for Outdoor Temple Adventure + Shakti Elemental Practices

Part 2 ~ The Body Mandala to Embody Shakti

* + Important preparations to discuss for Yogini Sadhana

Potluck Picnic Dinner

Sat Aug 17:

10:30 -12:00  In Studio: TTF® Choreo honoring The 64 Yoginis

12 – 1:00   Self Serve Lunch

1:15   In Temple:  Yogini Sadhana

Potluck Dinner in Temple (bring your offering to temple)

Sunset Closing Ceremony

Sun Aug 18:  Optional Breakfast & Outdoor adventure


TeachingS & Class Details

Wed Aug 14: Shakti Activities, Practices, Rituals ~ Art of Anointing Interactive Experience with Georgia. Anointing is a valuable ritual and healing modality found in all ancient Temple cultures. Learn simple yet sensually satisfying ways to uplift our body, temple, practices, home, work, relationships.

Thur Aug 15:  The Body Mandala to Embody Shakti 

Part 1: Disciplines to Cultivate & Enliven Our Vitality & Power

In Studio: Shakti Yoga® specifically designed for complete awakening of our Divine Vase Body & Temple Dance + TTF® essential foundations & choreography 

Shakti Activities, Practices, Rituals ~ Sacred Adornment Interactive Experience with Joanna. With intention, decorating or adorning our body can be a ritual of many kinds such as basic self care / artful offering to the Divine / transformational experience of Embodiment. We craft our personal sacred body ornament + co-create adornment ritual.

Fri Aug 16:  The Body Mandala to Embody Shakti 

Part 2: Science of Mudra ~ Sacred Seal & Symbols of the Body


Special Guest Instructors…Yay!!

Joanna Hathcock from Shaktified Arts: Interactive Sacred Adornment experience to take home with you

Georgia Schiele from Heart of Gold Essentials: Our Art of Anointing Specialist & Sacred Oils Educator


Registration :

To make this as doable as possible for as many of you as possible, this bountiful schedule, learning and community experience, and your Yogini Sadhana materials are offered to you at a generous discount. All women welcomed.

$375  TOTAL   * Registration closes Thurs August 8, 5pm *

~ Register with a friend, you both get $25 off full price!

~ Group rates available for 3 or more. Contact Tenley.

Also available:

August 14 & 15 Only = $175  (with Paypal = $182)

August 14, 15, 16 Only = $275  (with Paypal = $286)

Contact me if you wish to attend, but have schedule challenge.

Food, travel, lodging is up to you. Details & support below…

Private Sessions are optional. Required if you are doing TTF® Teacher Training. Offered at special discount for retreat: $55 per hour (normally $90). Reserve time by August 12. Book now with Paypal. Include note with time/day you want or email me.

Note: If you need financial assistance to attend, there are many credit cards available that give 15 months to pay off free of any charges. If credit card step still does not enable your attendance, please contact me.

~ No Refunds ~

Registration Options:

~ Cash in person with Tenley – exact change please

~ Mail to Tenley to arrive by August 5: Cashier’s check or Mail-order  *Text or email me for post address

~ Paypal:  send $390 total to cover your paypal fees

                  use email:

Flights to bend

Book for Redmond Airport. Best options are Alaska Air or Priceline.  And Priceline offers a payment program called “affirm,” lets you pay off flights in whatever timing you need! I did it this year. It’s amazing! So book your flight and get on over here! ooxx

Lodging in Bend

After you register, book lodging asap. It’s peak season in Bend. If you like my support with this, register by Aug 1.  Suggestions:

~ If you have studied with me before, you have option for low cost house-stay with local TTF® Sisters. Based on 1st come, 1st serve basis. Spots are very limited, so AFTER YOU REGISTER, contact me asap to reserve yours.

~ LOGE: This place is awesome!! Pool, hottub, sauna, in the woods, fabulous design & decor. Let me know if you want to share room with your fellow Temple Sisters. I have spoken to LOGE & they are ready for us with special group rates!

~ Stones Throw: The best vacay rentals in Bend! Tell them Tenley & Judy Wallace sent you. We have stayed with them many times.

~ Mc Menamin’s: In the heart of Bend & a must visit spot!

~ Of course we all know AirBnB. My last choice however.


Each group meal in the schedule has the location with menu attached so you can plan your budget or special dietary needs. You can also do your own meals with salad bar, buffet options, or grocery at Market of Choice 1 block from our Dance Studio.


Letter to you from my yogini teacher

Many of you were told Aditi Devi would be leading us through “Her 100 Names” Sadhana. This letter explains why she cannot, and authorizing me to lead an authentic preparatory Yogini Sadhana:

Dear Yoginis,  It is with great sadness I am sending this note to all of you. I have been looking forward to being with each of you, and Tenley Devi, this August in Bend. Unfortunately, because of my mother’s health, I will not be able to join you after all.

I know that many of you have already taken up the sadhana and have been preparing in other ways with your attention, time, focus, and resources to make the journey to Bend. Please know, I continue to aspire to meet each of you and introduce you to a precious Yogini sadhana in the future.

In the meantime, the retreat in Bend will instead be led—with my blessings—by your own beloved Tenley Devi. Along with the usual movement-based sessions she offers, Tenley will also be sharing her own journey with the yoginis of east India. These yoginis are sacred feminine beings who inhabit round open-air temples in groupings of 64 (or 81 sometimes) and who are worshipped after dark in the old tantric ways. These circles of sacred yoginis have much to teach us about how to walk the path and bring our personal sadhana to fruition.

I have authorized Tenley Devi to offer you a small Yogini Sadhana that you will learn and can begin to do on your own. This is a joyous opportunity, and a rare one. Your own internal preparation to receive this Yogini Sadhana has already begun with your immersion in “The Song of the Hundred Names.” It is rare to receive a Yogini Sadhana, and rare to receive one from someone who has spent as much time immersed in this ancient wisdom as Tenley Devi has.

One thing to remember though, —and this is different from “The Song of the Hundred Names”—part of the requirement for the small Yogini Sadhana is that you do not share it with others, nor discuss it with anyone who does not attend the Bend retreat in August. Another more inner way to say it is that this small Yogini Sadhana requires samaya, the sacred vow to hold this all most sacred and secret and not to discuss it with others. Tenley Devi can describe this to all of you in more detail in person. Yet, please know going in, that this is not to be discussed with others, nor shared on social media, nor broadcast in any way. Keep it close and the energies will come to fruition within the sacred temple of your own body. 

Please know you are in good hands and Ma is with all of us. I do wish I could be there with you, yet my commitment to care for my aging mother takes priority now. May your time with Tenley Devi in August be all you could have hoped for and more. She has my blessings and love, and so do you. 

Love & Jai Ma, Aditi Devi

Additional important info from Tenley:  After registration, you will be emailed everything you need to know to prepare and bring. Our Reunion days will be a detailed, inspiring, and powerful path leading us directly into this Yogini Sadhana and Temple experience.

Honestly, providing this 64 Yogini Sadhana BEFORE joining Aditi Devi in person feels much more easeful and appropriate. Yogini study and practice can be a “fast and furious” path of transformation, thus needs to be done with care. The more pace and grace we can meet it, the more ease our psyches have unraveling and our bodies have embodying/integrating this massive level of Shakti.

If you would like to attend the private retreat with Aditi Devi next year, then please attend this pre-requisite and precious gathering, providing you an easeful introduction to Yoginis.

Contact me with questions. In celebration & devotion, Tenley

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